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Who's Behind Free Delivery Voucher Codes?

We're a miserly team of hoarders, skinflints, cheapskates and penny-pinchers who like nothing better than getting one over on online shops by getting our shopping delivered for free. We're based in the free delivery voucher code capital of the world, also known as Darlington. And some of us are based in Newcastle. No joke.

Staff Profiles


Graham Miller - High Chief of Tightwadness

With failed projects 'Moustache Comb Voucher Codes' and 'Unripe Banana Voucher Codes' behind him now, Graham is hoping Free Delivery Voucher Codes will become a household name, alongside the likes of Johnny Hates Jazz and the curly haired one off Eastenders.

He loves those pigeons. Especially on toast with a bit of chutney...

Favourite BBC Three show:
'Celebrity Pink Pancakes'


Allen (Allen Allen Allen Al Al Allen) Brindle - Draws the Pictures

Responsible for the drippy voucher thing, the colour and size of the words - and the pictures. Allen tempers Chris' brooding pigeon-fancying despondency, helping to ensure the codes look their best. He trims and glues each one by hand before they are placed onto the Web site. He then sits at the top of the screen and drops his favourites, one by one, for the amusement of visitors. This is a 24-hour job, 7 days a week.

Favourite BBC Three show:
'The World's Most Imprisoned Stepfather'


Chris P. Thompson - Works the Magic

Cranky sourpuss Chris looks after our pigeons. He loves nothing more than his nightly pigeon-dispatching ritual. He slings them from the window on an RSPB-approved trajectory directly towards free delivery nirvana. He is there to welcome them with open arms on their return early each morning, gathering their spoils and putting them online for all to enjoy.

He's not keen on crows, cats or youngsters. But he likes his gran and deep, deep darkness.

Favourite BBC Three show:
'Dwarf, Imaginary and Angry'

Connect with Us

Darlington Office: 1 Bondgate, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 7JA.
Newcastle Office: 12 Forth Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Ne1 3PJ


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